RevX Ozone Water Filtration System


RevX Wellness™ is offering: RevX Ozone Water Filtration System

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If you are looking for a water cleaning solution, you found the best product in the market. Our water filtration and sanitation systems are designed and engineered specifically for cold baths or ice baths or cold plunges. 

Features high-flow water system that delivers crystal clear and clean cold bath experience. The system is powered by a commercial-grade water pump which is meant to be circulating water 24/7/365 and the only time you give it a rest is when you are cleaning the water filter or performing maintenance. The system includes an Ambohr ozone generator which is the only item we recommend you connect to a timer and only run it for 1 hour per 24 hours. The water filter holder is easy to operate when changing out the 20-micron filter. Our system is housed inside a rugged metal cabinet and features a built-in on/off valve. The entire system is pre-assembled and manufactured with high quality plumping parts and quality assurance processes. This is a true plug & play solution for your cold plunge. 

Product designed in California and manufactured in Asia. This is the most affordable and premium product for cold baths.


  • Stylish cabinet, all steel construction, rigid, rugged with black matte finish
  • Powerful water pump rated for 1,700GPH, submersible/inline
  • Trusted ozone generator, Ambohr SPA-124 with venturi injector
  • High quality ¾” PVC plumbing parts
  • Easy slip-on barbed hose fitting adapters (inlet and outlet)
  • All-weather indoor/outdoor performance
  • One-year standard warranty


  • Metal cabinet 
  • Ozone generator with venturi injector, 110v/60hz
  • Water pump, 110v/60hz
  • Clear water filter holder and filter
  • Shut off valve
  • Pre-assembled plumbing parts