About Us

Born in Southern California. We provide high quality and affordable cold plunge systems.

How It Started

RevX was born out of frustration in not being able to find a high quality and powerful cold plunge system below $3,000. Mike Nigai had no other option but to build one...

Leveraging 15+ years of cost-innovation experience and relationships all across Asia, Mike was able to build an engineering and management team to begin working on the design and prototype.

Where We Are Headed

Our mission is clear — to make premium cold plunge systems accessible and affordable for everyone. With our motto — Plunge More. Pay Less.™, we're dedicated to democratizing wellness.

At RevX, customer satisfaction isn't just a goal—it's our driving force. We're committed to improving and innovating cold plunge design through customer-centricity and exceptional service. Your needs shape our direction and we're constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, with exciting developments already in the pipeline. Don't miss out on our progress—stay connected for updates as we pave the way for a future of accessible cold water immersion. Join us as we plunge into tomorrow, together.

Meet The Team

A team of diverse backgrounds and skillsets to disrupt and cost-innovate the cold plunge industry. And the team is still growing!

Mike Nigai

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

When Mike isn't solving RevX's biggest priorities, you can catch him spending time with his two daughters and wife.

AJ Aviles

Co-Founder | Chief technology Officer

When AJ is not working on the business, you can catch him doing any wellness activity - working out, hiking in Laguna Beach, adventuring the outdoors, surfing, or trying to break the 90s in his golf game. 

Andrew Craig

Co-Founder | Chief Growth Officer

When he’s not working on RevX or in his cold plunge, Andrew is an avid adventurer who enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, and traveling with his wife. He is also a dog lover who takes pride in spoiling his pup, Zion.   

Jon Garcia

Business Development Advisor

Jon is a Business Development veteran with years building distribution channels. When he is not helping the team through their next business development opportunity, you can find him surfing, running, working out, fishing, and spending time with his family.  

Elena Lukashova

Public Relations | Creative Director

When Elena isn’t working on creative strategies, she’s typically playing pickleball, weightlifting, or watching a sunset near the ocean. Or struggling to choose the best tacos. Sounds so Californian, doesn’t it?

Victor Wang

General Manager - Asia Pacific Region (APAC)

Victor was enjoying retirement until he met Mike nearly 10 years ago to join forces as business partners on several ventures before Mike came to him with the vision of RevX. When Victor isn't overseeing engineering and production he loves the outdoors, hiking, has two sons, one of the sons just graduated from a University in the UK, married to his lovely wife Christy.


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