RevX Barrel Bundle


RevX Wellness™ is offering: RevX Barrel / Chiller Bundle. Complete with Water Filtration and Tubing.  

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Commercial grade cold plunge designed for home use and engineered to last. 

Enjoy crystal clear cold water on demand at your desired temperature any time of day. Barrel is perfect for small and tight places. This is not just a cold plunge – it's a game changer for your wellness routine. 


Barrel Bundle is the complete insulated cold plunge system with an efficient, powerful and quiet water chiller. Portable, durable and easy to maintain. Enjoy crystal clear water with a 20-micron filter and Ozone or UV sanitation filtration. Bundle is safe for indoor and outdoor use. 

  • Inflatable steps for easy in & out access
  • Large inflatable Barrel fits individuals up to 6 '4". It is extremely durable and comfortable. Made with military grade cross stitching technology. 
  • Dimensions - 39"L X 36"H x 39"W (inner dimensions) 
  • Barrel tank holds about 100 gallons of water
  • Industry-leading 1,700 GPH water pump
  • Industrial water chillers come with cooling and heating functions (34˚ to 104˚F)
  • All-weather indoor/outdoor performance
  • Water filtration and sanitation system is inside a metal cabinet and comes with a powerful water pump to circulate the water
  • Easy maintenance (all maintenance parts are available from us)
  • One-year standard warranty for the entire kit. Additional protection plans are available for chillers only. 
What's Included
  • Inflatable barrel, lid, and steps (with a manual air pump) 
  • Water chiller (1.0HP or 1.5HP, see comparison chart in photos)
  • Choice of water sanitation system (Ozone or UV, see comparison chart in photos)
  • Tubing kit with everything you need to connect the system 
Shipping & Delivery Info

You will receive 4 boxes with purchase. Currently we are shipping this kit on a pallet to ensure safe delivery. Your carrier driver will contact you directly to schedule your premium delivery date & time once your order is picked up from our warehouse. This premium white glove delivery service is a flat $250 and is added at checkout.

FREE pick up is available at our distribution warehouse: 13438 Foster Road Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

Why RevX?

Because you want affordable on demand crystal clear water that can reach low temperatures, as low as 34F˚ and with minimal maintenance and super low running costs, and you want this system to last 5+ years. - You found it! Buy it Now! 

Our cold plunge bundles are very unique from other cold plunges. We intentionally separated the water chiller from the water filtration/sanitation system for improved efficiency and max horsepower. We offer: 

  • Standalone water chillers - 1HP or 1.5HP with high grade titanium heat exchangers 
  • Standalone filtration & sanitation cabinet - Ozone or UV with 20-micron filtration 

This revolutionary innovation enables our system to be the most efficient one in the industry which is significant for: 

  • Saving you money on electricity bills 
  • Lowest cost for total ownership and maintenance
  • Coldest water on demand for spontaneous cold plunging (34˚F) 
  • Zero hassle - just cold water

We created a powerful, efficient yet quiet system. Our water pump is 10x more powerful than competition, this allows our system to circulate water at a high flow rate, which maintains constant cold temperatures much longer. This allows our water chiller to work less, thus making the entire system super efficient and cost you less to operate.

Do not fall for cheap imitations. Our solution is being compared to others that cost $4,000+ and we are very proud to offer you our current introductory bundle price. 



As a product manufacturer, we ensure the quality of all our products, providing a 1 year replacement guarantee. Explore our 3 or 5 year Protection Plans for additional coverage.

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

"Our barrel plunge shipped very fast, and the setup was easy. Mike's videos walked us through step by step. The chiller and UV filtration system seem to be industrial strength. My entire family has been plunging and loving it. Very high quality, and the best price I've seen anywhere on the internet. I highly recommend it."
— Conor Feeney

Revx Barrel Dimensions

The RevX Barrel is our most versatile cold immersion option with a more compact blueprint for smaller rooms. If you are below 6'3" and looking for a minimal system, the RevX Barrel is ideal for you.


Chiller: 1 HP vs 1.5 HP

Created for hot climates or commercial applications, the RevX 1.5 HP Chiller can enhance your water cooling or heating speed 2x faster than the RevX 1.0 HP Chiller. Both selections can cool and heat water to the same temperature, just at different speeds.


Water Filtration

If you prefer a system with easy upkeep upkeep, the UV Filtration System is ideal for you! If you prefer a system tailored for an additional dermatological (skin benefits) advantage, the Ozone Filtration System is our recommended selection.