One Question That Kickstarted Everything

What if we do something uncomfortable now to get better outcomes in the long run?
My wife Stephanie once asked, “Why don't we try cold water? I've heard it's good for the body and mental health.” What the heck? 

I don't like cold water; it's uncomfortable. Nobody enjoys feeling uncomfortable, do they? 
But I decided to give it a try.

My First Cold Plunge Experience

Is it as simple as plunging in cold water?
I felt like I unlocked a new version of myself that feels and performs better – happier, with sharp focus and a clear mind, free from tons of stress and anxiety. I ended up buying lots of ice every month.

 However, I then realized that spending so much time, money, and effort on cleaning the pod didn’t work for me. Cold water on demand has become my need. I wanted something more professional. That’s how my journey started.

I was really excited when I finally got a nice cold plunge, but I wasn’t prepared for that…

Making My First Cold Plunge System Purchase

But going from Ice to a Chiller Powered Cold Plunge wasn't smooth...
The ice plunge I bought broke down after 3 months. The company's response? “We can't fix it.” Frustrated and shocked, I sought to understand the issue. It was an underpowered water pump/chiller that couldn't reach the desired 40°F for cold baths. 

The $1K repair cost wasn't appealing either, so I began searching for a new one, determined to avoid a similar problem. But after my own research, I came to an interesting conclusion.

Why Are Cold Plunge Systems SO EXPENSIVE?

What stands out in a reliable and powerful cold plunge system?
Purchasing a cold plunge differs from buying a car; regardless of brand or price, a new car takes you from point A to point B. While many affordable cold plunges lack the power of their chillers to reach your point B – the desired low temperature for cold baths.

Not surprisingly, they break down fast as they continuously run into the ground. But I wasn't willing to splash $5-10K on a cold plunge either. Most of them were oversized and very expensive.

In the end, I couldn't find an affordable and reliable solution simultaneously.

Access To Cold Water On Demand Is A Luxury. But Why Does It Have To Be So Expensive? It Shouldn't.

What if I create this solution?
And that’s how RevX Wellness was born – I’m a tech guy; I can’t find peace until I figure out how everything works. The idea of developing a product people can rely on ignited me.

I went to Asia to find factories that could produce high-quality units for my plunges. One of them is Panasonic. I was finally able to develop the right water chiller* – one with the right horsepower. This chiller reaches the desired temperature and lasts for a long time.

I didn't want anyone to feel what I went through, so I focused on making quality my top priority. I wanted my cold plunge to be simple, efficient, powerful, and reliable, reaching a temperature of 40°F from 70F in just 2 hours. And yes, not pricey.

And That's Where the Journey Led...

What temperature is going to create the next version of you?
Now I’m happy to present RevX cold plunges, where the desired temperature and the desired price meet to take you to the new version of yourself.

I believe that taking a small but uncomfortable step can lead you to extraordinary results in the long run. RevX Wellness plunges are created to be your affordable luxury routine, elevating you to a new level.

Mike Nigai, CEO | FOUNDER