RevXwellness™ is offering: RevX Tub / Chiller Kit. Complete with Water Filtration and Tubing Kit. 

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Our next Tub shipment will arrive in early April. You can reserve your Tub kit today for only $100 and receive free gifts. You can customize your order today and pay in-full in advance and receive our RevX Pod for FREE. We will ship our Pods to the qualifying customers immediately or you can substitute 10 additional FREE water filters.

Our cold bath kits are very different from other cold plunges. We separated intentionally the water chiller from water filtration/sanitation system. Both units are industrial strength connected with insulated tubes. By doing this we created a powerful and efficient system. Our water pump is 10x larger than what is currently on the market, this allows our system to circulate water at a high flow, making our entire system efficient and it allows the water to maintain constant temperature much longer. This allows our water chiller to work less, thus making the entire system super efficient and cost you less to operate. Do not fall for cheap imitations and choose our solution. Our solution is being compared to others that cost $4,000+ and we are very proud to offer you our current introductory price.

RevX Tub kit features the complete cold bath system with an efficient and powerful water chiller, with heating and cooling functions. The system is portable and durable and with easy maintenance in-mind. The system is insulated and well thought-out to deliver on-demand cold water experiences. Enjoy crystal clear and clean water with an included 20-micron filter and our O-zone or UV filtration and sanitation systems. Inside this cabinet is the powerful water pump. Our system is safe for indoor or outdoor use. You will not require anything else to cold plunge.


  • "Very high quality"
  • "The Chiller and Filtration systems are industrial strength" 
  • "Shipped very fast and easy to set-up"
  • "Best price on the internet" 
  • "Highly recommend for anyone in the market for a cold plunge system that has everything you need"


  • Inflatable Tub fits individuals up to 6’5". It is extremely durable and comfortable.  Made with military grade cross stitching technology. 
  • Large Tub holds about 100 gallons of water at min line
  • Efficient water chillers come with cooling and heating functions (34˚ to 99˚) 
  • All-weather indoor/outdoor performance
  • Water filtration and sanitation system comes with a powerful water pump and easy to change 20-micron filtration system.  
  • Easy to connect tubing kit with quick release connections and hose clamps
  • Easy maintenance (all maintenance parts are available from us)
  • One-year standard warranty for the complete kit. Additional protection plans are available for water chillers only, see below for details. 


  • Inflatable tub and lid 
  • Water chiller (1.0HP or 1.5HP, see comparison chart in photos)
  • Choice of water filtration & sanitation system (Ozone or UV, see comparison chart in photos)
  • Tubing kit with everything you need to connect the system 

You will receive 4 boxes with your purchase.


  • Chiller: 1.0HP - $1,000  -  1.5HP - $1,500
  • Inflatable tub - $500
  • Water filtration & sanitation cabinet system - $350
  • Tubing kit  - $150
  • RECOMMENDED OPTION: 3-year protection plan - $300 or 5-year protection plan $500 (Chiller only)  Protection plan starts after the 1-year warranty expires. You can purchase our protection plan any time during the first year of ownership, just reach out to our customer support line.